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Mental Well-being is a dynamic state, in which the individual is able to develop their potential, work productively and creatively, build strong and positive relationships and contribute to their community.

It is enhanced when an individual is able to fulfil their personal and social goals and achieve a sense of purpose in society.

Department of Work and Pensions - Health, Work and Well-being, 2005


An active and systematic approach to improved mental capital and well-being.

The aim of this well-being strategy is, with scientific research, to empower the many by equipping every employee with the necessary tools and techniques to improve their mental well-being and maximise their mental capital. While mental well-being has become a real and crucial topic of conversation in society, it is in danger of becoming something we just discuss and an empty phrase. The pursuit of well-being is an active one and requires both knowledge and participation. It is important to understand what affects our well-being and apply tangible practices we can all use in our everyday lives to mitigate the impact of stressors, the influence they have upon us and pursue the elements of life which bring us happiness.

Mental capital encompasses a person's cognitive and emotional resources. It includes their cognitive ability, how flexible and efficient they are at learning, and their "emotional intelligence", such as their social skills and resilience in the face of stress.


Academy of Medical Sciences, 2008

Our Advisory Board

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Meet the Team

Our board of advisors are experts in their fields, giving us a unique insight into various sectors such as health and safety, travel and well-being.

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Together mental capital, our ability to cope in the face of stress, and mental well-being fundamentally affect behaviour, social cohesion, social exclusion and our prosperity.

Foresight Project, 2008

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Sigmoid Personal Development was formed after the increasing demand from individuals seeking help in their personal and professional lives. Our blogs have become a regular source of good guidance and shared experiences.

This website is designed as part of an Organisational Wellbeing Strategy. If you wish to know more about our Wellbeing Portal on behalf of an organisation please contact us.

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