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Personal & Organisational Ecosystems

Tree Lined Park

After many years of research and understanding, we at Sigmoid have concluded that the development of Personal and Organisational Ecosystems takes the form of a four-stage plan for growth. 

Tree of Life (Fruits,Structure,roots).pn

The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago....The next best time is now.

Ancient Chinese Proverb

An ecosystem is a set of interdependent inter-reliant entities where none can flourish independently of the other, if we apply this assumption to the growth of a healthy tree we can explain the development in a more straightforward way. For example;

The Roots

The Roots of a healthy ecosystem ensure strength, stability, and resilience. Well-formed roots allow a solid foundation for both personal growth and organisational growth. If we consider the roots of a personal ecosystem consist of the success critical elements of a balanced and productive life and in comparison, the success and productivity of an organisation should also be underpinned by a strong, success critical root system.

The Trunk

The Trunk, or structure, of our ecosystem consists of the routines, regimes, methods and standards by which we live our lives as individuals and in comparison, as organisations. In essence, how do we develop the success critical elements of our root system into habituated routines and regimes which give our life and organisation the necessary structure to develop and maintain us through challenging times.

The Fruits

If we manage to identify and develop the success critical roots of our ecosystem, be that personal or organisational, and we successfully develop healthy, productive routines, regimes, habits and structures, our desired outcomes of these activities would be “the Fruits” of our labour. Be that personal goals or ambitions or organisational goals and ambitions. It is important that we are clear on our goals and ambitions to maintain a golden thread between the ecosystem constituent parts. 


The Environment


The final and potentially pivotal element of the ecosystem is the overarching environment we are able to create, from a personal perspective this would be your choice of productive environmental factors such as where to live, who to socialise with, your mood and mindset etc. From an organisational perspective a productive overarching environment is almost always created by our organisational leaders and their chosen methods and style. We are often guilty of creating an overarching environment which is misaligned with our desired outcomes and therefore has the potential to suffocate the ecosystem we are working to create. 

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