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Who are Sigmoid Personal Development & What are they on about?!

Ok so you’re here doing a bit of a nosey, which we love (so thank you for that!)

Who are we?

We’d like to tell you a bit more about us and what we do, and we’d love to get to know our readers better too. The Sigmoid Group started off as a Business Consultancy company over 15 years ago. We help businesses to improve by developing their leadership, organisational structure and processes. Using Lean and Six Sigma techniques we have had continued success with a variety of companies from Heathrow Airport to BAE Systems, St Mirren Football Club to Tannoy. Despite the different nature of each company, they generally have one thing in common…PEOPLE. If you can mobilise the will and talent of the people within the business, the rest of the process becomes that little bit easier. That’s why our aim is to empower the many, not the few.

How did we get here?

Throughout the last few years, we have been working with people in a personal sense more and more. Often people get a taster of the Sigmoid Way at work and then approach us for help in their personal life or to know a bit more about the different ways we can help them. The pandemic has really just been the cherry on the cake for us (ok not a cherry or cake that we are keen to have again!). But the point is that the pandemic has really highlighted the importance of Mental Fitness for all of us and brought the topic into the spotlight. And while it has been heart-warming to see people supporting other people, we think it’s important to go beyond quick fix solutions and truly understand Mental Fitness. That’s why we’ve decided to define our service as something we can offer to many people and not just the ones who have accidentally found us through their employer.

What are we doing?

Instagram has been filled with influencers telling us “its ok not to be ok”, to do some self-care and drink our water with a cheesy quote thrown in for good measure. Whilst these are all fair statements and there is a place for them in the Mental Fitness discussion, do we actually know WHY we should be doing them? Do we understand WHY going a walk with the dog or our family makes us feel better? Why baking cupcakes is a great pick me up? The answer to all those questions is probably a guess for most of us, which is where Sigmoid Personal Development comes in.

We want to talk about Mental Fitness in a more scientific sense, it’s more than inspirational quotes and cliché Instagram posts. We are basically here to tell the other half of the story. The actual factual, measurable bit.

We believe in authenticity and people supporting people, that’s why our aim is to promote awareness of Mental Fitness among the many through a down to earth approach and little nuggets of wisdom that help with everyday life.

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