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UK based consultancy with expertise in unlocking organisational performance by addressing core "disconnected development" issues.

About Us

We are a niche consultancy firm with a global footprint and a unique approach to addressing complex organisational and human challenges.


The "Disconnected Development" philosophy is designed to address the core issues constraining the success of an organisation by repairing and maturing the core elements

·    People & Organisational Development

·    Process Development

·    Leadership Development

Sigmoid has developed an approach utilising a blend of "Lean Six Sigma"

and "Behavioural Psychology" to address the people and process challenges causing the "Disconnected Development" symptoms of Overburden , Rework, Defects, Program and Planning Change and Excessive operational cost.

About Us

What can we do for your organisation?

Through in-depth analysis we develop and deliver bespoke strategies for each client.

The People Aspect

It is said that "People are an organisations most important assets and the ones which can't easily be replaced".

Our Services


It is not possible to Optimise or Transform an organisation which is lacking in basic stability. Stability is crucial to any maturity journey.


This step of the Organisational Maturity Journey focuses on optimising all aspects of the organisation including mobilising the Will & Talent of the people.


Changes in market and operating conditions may deem that elements of your offering or methods need updated in order to remain fit for purpose.


Past and Present

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With a friendly demeanour which immediately puts you at ease, Gavin combines his industry and life experience with a laser sharp insight to identify ways to help you almost immediately. He has an uncanny knack of cutting straight to the heart of issues holding you back either personally or professionally then, reassuringly, gives you the tools and knowledge to successfully overcome any barrier. Everyone should know a Gavin!

Eddie Sinnot

Vice President systems and partners at Cirrus Logic

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