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The Tree of Life

Build your Personal Ecosystem

Tree Lined Park

At Sigmoid, we like to think of personal development as a 'personal ecosystem', a little bit like growing a tree. In order to grow a healthy tree, there are 3 main elements required, strong roots, a solid trunk or structure and flourishing leaves or fruits. This forms the basis of our approach to personal development and wellbeing.

The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago....The next best time is now.

Ancient Chinese Proverb

Think about the three elements of a healthy tree in a little more detail..

  • The Roots

Strong roots allow the tree to draw nutrients from its surroundings, which helps establish a healthy and solid base for the tree to grow roots in order to stand up tall and not be blown over by the environment around it.

  • The Trunk

The trunk provides a solid structure and the necessary strength and stability so that our little tree can grow and develop. The tree can become stronger and more mature without risk of falling over easily.

  • The Fruits

The fruits at the top of the tree are made possible by all of the groundwork and constant nurture that has been put into the tree. The tree could not flourish without the other two elements performing as they should.

Tree of Life (Fruits,Structure,roots).pn

Healthy trees & healthy humans


If you think about the analogy now in a human sense, we can compare the roots to our purpose, values and beliefs. Things that truly shape us as a person and define us at our core. These build into the success critical elements that form our wheel of life.


Then think of our "trunk" as the structure of our life, how we plan our days, weeks, months and years. How we set about implementing the daily, weekly, monthly actions that build the route map to our future. How we use each day productively to get a little bit closer to our goals.

Practical Tips


Lastly, our fruits... WHAT do we want to achieve? Our goals and aspirations , the fruits of our labour and the rewards that we can reap from our hard work. What is it that we want to get from our life?


However, we as humans have an influence over the environment we create for ourselves to grow in, where a tree has no control over the weather conditions in which it grows. Our environment consists of aspects such as the people we surround ourselves with, the activities we choose to do and the gifts we give ourselves in the form of health and nutrition.

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